A Bit Less Healthy

How do I define healthy? In a world inundated with no sugar, no carb, no meat, no gluten, no you name it bloggers (who all have their place and many have dietary restrictions for valid reasons) it’s hard to declare this a health blog. That being said, I do proudly have a kale sweatshirt I’ve worn (walking my dog) since high school and if you asked my boyfriend he would describe many of my meals as “rabbit food.” So, what does healthy mean? Where is the line between enjoying your food and making sure it nourishes your body? For me, that line is driven by my mind and body. Healthy means whole, real ingredients, with a focus on making sure nutrients are in every meal. Does that mean cookies are banned? Absolutely not. There is a time and place for everything, and it’s important to learn to find that balance for your mind and your body. Hopefully these recipes help!

And with that, onto my “little less healthy” page 🙂