dessert Sides and Snacks

Greek Yogurt Cinnamon Crumble Loaf

I cannot resist a good cinnamon crumble cake. HOWEVER I also know that my stomach hates me afterwards. Enter, Greek yogurt to the rescue.

Dressings and Marinades Sides and Snacks

5 Min Homemade “Granch” Dressing

Looking for a healthy but yummy way to get you to start snacking on more veggies? Enter: 5 min homemade


Honey Drenched Greek Yogurt Bark

I have developed quite the ice cream addiction in quarantine. Not that I didn’t like ice cream before, but I thought of it as a fun treat I’d get out at an ice cream shop. Now, if I’d have my way, I’d buy a pint with every grocery store run so that I could have […]